Shipping options and delay

Shipping Delay :

  • Preparation : orders are sent within 6 working days.
  • Transportation time : in mailand France, the delay is 1 to 4 days.
  • For a faster shipping, or any questions, please contact us : +33 2 51 80 95 89

Shipping options :

  • Orders weighting less than 20 kilos are usually sent via Colissimo (48h).
  • Larger or heavier orders are sent on skip via carrier.

Please follow the following procedure when receiving your order :

  • While the delivery man is still present, and before signing the delivery slip, check the state of the package. Check also if it seems coherent with your order.
  • If your package is on a skid, please verify it hasn't been undone. If that is the case, verify all the goods.
  • If you note damages, you MUST write DETAILED reserves and observations on the delivery slip and warn us within 24h hours :
  • number of packages and state of the conitionning : torn, wet, skip un-wrapped, adhesive tape opened, ...
  • reference(s) et number of broken or damaged pieces …
  • missing packages : number, reference, …


  • Our merchandise is always transported at recipient's risk.
  • We remind you that the mention "depending on un-wrapping" ISN'T LEGALLY RECOGNIZED. We won't be able to help you if no clear observation is mentionned on the delivery slip.