Discover our soap collection

As a trusted soap manufacturer and wholesaler, we invite you to discover an infinitely varied and original range of products, where exclusivity and quality meet. Immerse yourself in authenticity with our traditional soaps, steeped in traditional craftsmanship. Be surprised by our original collection of fancy soaps, designed to add a playful touch to every bathing ritual. Enjoy our organic soaps with milks or our soaps with vegetable glycerine, ideal for soft, moisturised skin.

Diversity is our strength, and each category offers products designed to meet all your needs.

A fun and imaginative range

SB Collection offers a wide range of fancy soaps: from hearts and dolphins to sunshine and angels, you're sure to find the shape that suits you. With a wide range of colours and fragrances, our subject soaps are sure to delight young and old alike

Take a look at our range of vegetable glycerine soaps in heart shapes with colourful, fragrant designs, or in soap blocks that can be sliced to make soap pucks or lollipops for sale. The glycerine base moisturises and softens the skin.

Soaps to take care of you

Give your skin the precise care it deserves with SB Collection. Discover our massage soaps. Equipped with massaging pimples, this soap revolutionises your skincare routine by stimulating circulation, relieving muscle tension and providing deep relaxation. Choose from our varieties, all designed to gently nourish, moisturise or exfoliate.

Take care of your skin with our 3 beard soaps and one for women's shaving. These soaps, emulsified in water, soften the hair for an easier shave.

The expertise of traditional soaps

Known the world over, Marseille soap is renowned for its quality and properties. At SB Collection, we offer a range of 63 soaps in 100g (filmed) or 125g (unfilmed) formats. Moisturising, exfoliating, with fruity or creamy notes, enriched with oil or milk, this range has something for everyone! Our soaps are handmade in the pure Marseille tradition.

You'll also find cubes of Marseille soaps, household soaps, Aleppo soaps and even small cubes of letter soaps made in Marseille, ideal for writing names or original messages!

Packaging to suit your shops

You can choose volumes to suit your needs, with packaging ranging from small quantities to large cartons, benefiting from sliding-scale prices. This allows you to adjust quantities according to your preferences. You can also explore our discovery boxes specially designed for professionals, offering an overview of each range at advantageous prices. The soaps are packaged in such a way as to be well protected during transport.

With SB Collection, every product becomes an opportunity to build customer loyalty and differentiate your shop. Join us in this adventure and offer your customers a unique experience thanks to our exceptional soaps.

Quality European and French craftsmanship

Our soaps guarantee impeccable European quality. We manufacture to the strictest standards, and each soap is registered on the European CPNP portal, ensuring traceability and transparency. By becoming our partner, you can offer your customers theassurance of quality products.






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