Discover our range of bath pearls

The bath pearl is a soft capsule containing perfumed oil. The capsule is made from coloured gelatine, which dissolves in the bath under the effect of heat and contact with water. The soya oil inside nourishes the skin, making it more supple and protecting it against daily aggressions. Suitable for all skin types, it's also rich in antioxidants, protecting against ageing.

Two pearls are all you need for a moisturising, fragrant bath. With a low number of ingredients, no controversial substances and a composition of over 97% natural ingredients, our formulations guarantee you a completely transparent product.

We offer a wide range of fragrances to give you a variety of pleasures: Passion, monoi, coconut, strawberry, lavender, apple, pineapple, island vanilla, lemon, apricot, marine, magnolia, lotus flower and rose are just some of the scents that will provide you with beautiful moments of relaxation. To guarantee the highest quality, we select all our fragrances in the famous perfume capital, Grasse.

Our range includes beads, hearts and stars, as well as animals: cats, dolphins, frogs, elephants, ducks, whales and pigs. They're sure to delight young and old alike, adding a fun and original touch to bath time.

Manufacturer and distributor of Made in France bath beads!

As the only producer of bath beads in Europe, SB Collection is proud to offer a range made in France and to be able to maintain this production in our country. The fragrances come from Grasse, the perfume capital of the world.

We are transparent about the origin of our products and ingredients! The composition of each bath pearl is available on each product sheet on the site. You can use this composition to display the product in your shop.

The quality of our bath pearls enables us to offer a hermetically sealed capsule that will keep them intact for 24 months while preserving their fragrance. Simply keep them away from heat and away from water. All our products are developed in compliance with French and European regulations. They comply with good manufacturing practice and are registered on the European CPNP portal.

Packaging to suit your shop

Bath pearls can be sold loose in jars. This form of presentation highlights the shapes and colours of the bath pearls and allows customers to personalise their choice. You can also pack them in recyclable PET boxes or organza bags.

On this site, we offer different types of packaging to help you present this product in your shop, but also to offer personalised boxes throughout the year for Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day or the festive season!

To meet the needs of all our distributors, we offer beads in bags of 50 or 200 by reference, but also in boxes of 1200 for wholesale activities. You can also test our entire collection with a discovery bag containing beads from our entire range.





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